Mel Gibson’s Body Measurements Including Height, Weight, Shoe Size

Mel Gibson Height Weight Body Statistics


Mel Gibson’s body measurements are all here! Check out hisS height, weight, shoe size and more!

Mel Gibson is one of the most successful actors in the history of Hollywood having starred in a large number of blockbuster movies during the course of his career. Although he started his on-screen career in the mid-70s but wasn’t until early 1980s that he rose to stardom as a versatile actor. Although the list of movies in which he has starred in or directed is really long but some of the most notable ones are Braveheart, Gallipoli, The Passion of the Christ and Hacksaw Ridge along with the Mad Max and Lethal Weapon film series. Now moving towards the off-camera life of the actor, Mel Gibson was married to dental nurse Robyn Moore from 1980 to 2011 and the couple has seven children together, including one daughter and six sons. Although they officially divorced in 2011, the couple had originally separated in 2006 and Mel since then has gone on to have short-lived relationships with several other women.

Body Measurements Table

All body measurements you might be interested in can be found in the table below. For example height, weight and dress size.

Height177 cm, 5′ 9¾”
Weight98 kg, 216 pounds
Shoe Size (US)unknown
Body ShapeN/A


And, hey, I’m not under the illusion that everything’s just going to be hunky-dory work wise forever. I’ve never been under that illusion. Things could go away tomorrow.

But although Australia was also involved in the Vietnam conflict, I can remember my dad telling us that if we were in Australia, we wouldn’t be drafted until we were 20.

I’m pretty fit, naturally. I do moderate exercise, and I try to eat pretty well and I think it has an effect on me. But hey, I’m putting on the insulin tire like everybody else, but that’s just a function of getting older.

Acting feels different. I’m not sure exactly what that is, but it used to mean a lot more. Maybe that sounds like I’m throwing it away and I’m not, I’ll still do the best damn job I can, but it doesn’t mean the same thing. I’m going to get the answer for myself one of these days. It’s the male menopause, that’s what it is.

I don’t have to be working every moment. Why turn something good into a hard job? It’s more special when it’s not a daily occurrence. It doesn’t cheapen it so much.

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