Hayden Christensen’s Body Measurements Including Height, Weight, Shoe Size

Hayden Christensen Height Weight Body Statistics


Hayden Christensen’s body measurements are all here! Check out his height, weight, shoe size and more!

Hayden Christensen is a Canadian-American actor and producer born on 19th April 1981. Hayden was interested in acting since his childhood and that’s why began his acting career at the age of thirteen. In 1993, he made his acting debut from the television series Macht Der Leidenschaft/Family Passions. Later on, Christensen starred in several films and television series with minor roles including In the Mouth of Madness, Forever knight and Goosebumps. Hayden received recognition while playing the role of Scott Barringer in the 2000’s television series Higher Ground. Eventually, he received critical acclaim in 2001 film Life as a House and earned nominations of Golden Globe and SAG Awards. Upcoming years brought more international fame and success for him and Christensen starred in numerous successful films including Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Jumper and 90 Minutes in Heaven. Additionally, he was featured in RED’s Lazarus Effect Campaign which is aimed to increase awareness about AIDS in Africa. He won several awards and nominations throughout his career such as Golden Globe Award, MTV Movie Award and Golden Raspberry Award. In his personal life, Hayden Christensen is in a relationship with actress Rachel Bilson.

Body Measurements Table

All body measurements you might be interested in can be found in the table below. For example height, weight and dress size.

Height183 cm, 6′ 0″
Weight73 kg, 161 pounds
Shoe Size (US)unknown
Body ShapeN/A


I try to stay away from the L.A. scene as much as possible. I feel it helps me to better prepare for my roles if I am not too involved in that whole thing.

I’ve always been kind of a hermit.

I have two sisters and a mother, obviously, so I grew up with a household of girls. Maybe I have a greater respect for women because of it.

I love acting because it’s a bit of an escape. It gives you the ability to reinvent yourself. They say that acting is the shy man’s revenge.

I don’t find Hollywood interesting, so I’m thinking of studying architecture instead.

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